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Hallink is there from concept to end design.


We recognize that new product development is a time-sensitive process so we've developed highly sophisticated systems to streamline that process.

From concept to end design... Hallink's product engineering service cuts costs and lead times.

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Finally you can have immediate answers to the critical questions: 'Can we sell it?' and 'Can we produce it?'- without tying up your production lines. As part of our complete sampling service, we will also define the processing window and provide complete specifications to help determine compatibility with your existing Stretch Blow Moulding (SBM) equipment.

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Bottle Design


Eliminate the guesswork with Hallink's rapid prototyping service. Now your team can test form, fit and function with solid 3-D models built overnight, directly from CAD drawings, cutting weeks or even months from design and production schedules. Add a new dimension to your design process with Rapid Prototyping from Hallink.

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At Hallink, we recognize that sourcing the perfect preform for a given container can be difficult and time consuming. We have many sources of high quality preforms in virtually any finish and weight.

From 25mm to 120mm wide mouth finishes, Hallink can help you find the right preform for your project and connect you to industry leading preform suppliers to get your project moving.

Preform moulds