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    Blow Molds & Change Parts

    Hallink Moulds Inc. is the leading supplier of blow molds and change parts to the bottle manufacturing and bottling industry. We pride ourselves on being a full service operation, assisting clients from idea conception to project completion, specializing in the manufacture of blow molds custom personalization / handling parts...

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    Customer Service

    With unparalleled customer service, Hallink delivers blow molds and change parts for virtually any rotary and linear platform (including Sidel, Krones, KHS, SIPA, SMI, Kosme and Tech-Long) to you in the shortest of lead times. Hallink aims to exceed customer expectations and with this commitment to service we have...

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    If your blow molds and change parts bear the Hallink name, they are built with Hallink quality. With a focus on innovation and service, Hallink is committed to providing tooling and equipment that helps grow your market and bottom line.

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